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Desk based Assessments (DBAs)

Desk-based assessments (DBAs) are often required to determine the likely location, size, extent, nature, condition and significance of any potential archaeological resource. The uncertainty of the presence of archaeological features is a problem commonly facing developers, which is why we are commonly requested to undertake a DBA before a site is purchased or developed, and before planning permission has been applied for or as a condition of being granted.

Chiltern Archaeology can provide this service - quickly, efficiently and confidentially. The cost depends on the size of the project area and the scope of the information required, but the cost would start at £450 for a small site in a local area. The cost covers everything required from a briefing meeting to research and the final report with recommendations. The following elements would normally be negotiated to form part of the work and are often requested by the County Archaeologist:
  • Initial meeting/briefing with the client to assess requirements and to provide a quote.
  • Walkover survey of the site resulting in collation of the on-site documentation with photographs and annotated plans.
  • A full data survey and collation of information using all map, photographic and document sources available, with appropriate (NMR, HER. SM & listed buildings register, Local Authority Brief, on-line databases, etc).
  • Interim liaison with the client if problems arise.
  • Data evaluation and the final report provided as 3 bound copies plus electronic copies.
  • Advice and recommendations as required.

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