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Finds work

We will advise clients at the outset what types of features and finds may be encountered. With client and County Archaeologist agreement, the team will then be prepared to locate, excavate appropriately, conserve, identify and interpret the assemblage. Always be prepared to expect the unexpected!
We have dealt with all types of finds varying from the ubiquitous pottery and CBM, to lithics, worked stone, glass, iron, coins, copper alloys, slags, animal and human bone.
We also have experience in environmental sampling and preparation.
We have worked on sites covering many eras, often multi-phase, and ranging from ditches and pits to cottages and castles!
See the gallery for some past sites and finds.


Samian is an important type of Roman pottery and we can produce identifications and reports at various levels. This might range from simple ID of source area with broad dates to more refined dates through identification of the form or the potter. Assemblages are always quantified in terms of sherd count and weight, and as EVEs where this is possible. Other statistical handling depends on the assemblage size, type and client requirements.
Both photographs and rubbings may be taken as part of the archive record.                    (Rubbing record Yewden Villa below.)
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